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  3. Guangdong Xin Yuehui Technologies Industrial Park Development Co., Ltd.

    Company Profile:

    Guangdong Xin Yuehui Industrial Park Technology Development Co., Ltd. is an investment operation company established by AE Technology Group and Guangdong Lighting Association. It is responsible for investment construction and operation management of domestic and foreign industrial parks. In May 2017, the company established the “China-Belarus (Guangdong) Optoelectronic Technology Industrial Park” in the China-Belarus Industrial Park. It was listed as the key project of the Guangdong Provincial Government to participate in the “Belt and Road” construction and became the frontier industrial base of Guangdong Lighting Europe. The company is now investing in the “Chongqing (Wanzhou) Lighting Electric Industrial Park” project in the Wanzhou District Economic Development Zone of Chongqing, investing 1.5 billion yuan to build a lighting industrial base and export base in western China.