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  3. Healthy lighting


    Classroom lamp

    Product model:JK-JS36C1-3


    Important features of products
    ◆No glare, no flicker, take care of eyes
    ◆Low power, energy saving and loss reduction
    ◆Long life, can be used for a long time.

    Brand Vision
    With the belief that science and technology will change the world, we will protect the health of our eyes with natural light, illuminate every classroom, contribute to the national education, and share the responsibility with society.

    Brief introduction of products
    This product can distribute the light evenly and restrain the light with extreme brightness in normal visual field. With sufficient color reductive power, light has absolute biological safety for minors, and takes full account of visual space factors and visual time factors, in order to achieve the highest efficiency of visual information acquisition and visual comfort, space allocation and control of light. It can effectively eliminate the depression caused by enclosed space, reduce the influence of glare on emotion, stimulate positive emotions, promote active exploration and motivation, thus effectively promote the level of intellectual activity.