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  3. Healthy lighting


    UV Disinfection Table Lamp

    Product model:XD-SB05-2201


    Important features of products
    rated power:5W
    rated voltage:DC12V
    supply current:0.42A
    operating temperature:20°~40° operating Humidity≤80%
    product size:170*68*68mm
    usable area:≤5m2
    light source:UV light tube+ ozone)
    material:UV-resistant plastics

    Product introduction
    1.AE Bella UV Disinfection Table Lamp,Humanized design, suitable for cars, cabinets, pet rooms, refrigerators, etc., with less than 5 square meters of space.
    2.One-key start, 10 second delay light up. Ultraviolet light source + ozone sterilization and disinfection, No dead ends, sterilization and mite removal. Once the disinfection lamp is turned on, please make sure personnel and pets in the place must leave the scene, otherwise the ultraviolet rays might cause harm to human eyes and skin.
    3.You can fully use disinfection 6 times with lithium battery is fully charged once . The power consumption is perfectly guaranteed.。
    3.AE Bella series launched with FCC, CE certification, whcih means safety and reliablility.

    Safety Precautions:
    1.During use of the UV light, people and pets should leave the room, because direct exposure to human   eyes and skin is strictly prohibited, in order to avoid injury.
    2.If injured, do not handle it by yourself. Please seek medical treatment immediately.
    3.Long-term use of UV rays can cause discoloration of the illuminated object. Please keep your valuables such as paintings in a safe place.
    4.Ventilation must be carried out after the disinfection function is started, especially for the ozone disinfection function, people can enter the room only after 30-60 minutes.

    product certification:FCC 、CE