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  3. Healthy lighting


    UV Air Circulation Sterilizer

    Product model:XD-SK15-3204


    Important features of products
    rated power:15W
    rated voltage:DC12V
    supply current:1.25A
    operating temperature: 20°~40° operating Humidity≤80%
    product size:200*200*700mm
    usable area:≤20m2
    light source:UV light tube+ ozone
    material:Stainless steel

    Product introduction
    1.AE Bella UV air ring sterilizer, with timing function, adjustable air volume,  no dead ends sterilization, UV and ozone can be used alone and both at the same time,When ozone disinfection is turned on . Make sure to stay away from the scene. It can be approached after 30 minutes while the usage area is less than 20 square meters.
    2.Once the ultraviolet disinfection function is activated, the air enters the disinfection lamp from the air inlet at the bottom through the formaldehyde filter to achieve  disinfection efficiency , What's more,it is discharged through the air outlet at the top.
    3.Stainless steel body which protects the machine more effectively.
    4.AE Bella sterilizer obtains FCC, CE certification, the product is safe and reliable.Sterilizing,  purifying the air and protecting your health.

    Safety Precautions:
    1.UV Air Circulation Sterilizer can be used in a human environment, but the ozone function must be turned off.
    2.Ventilation must be carried out after the disinfection function is started, especially for the ozone disinfection function, people can enter the room only after 30-60 minutes.

    product certification:FCC 、CE