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    LED flameless candle | Essential oil

    Flameless Anion Fragrance Candle

    Product model:3D400070-W2-3F-1112YIA

    Specifications:4*7 Melted top/p>

    Important features of products
    ◆Cold Spray Aromatherapy
    ◆Remote control device
    ◆Candle core built-in LED lamp and swing
    ◆Li-On rechargeable
    ◆Switch button

    Product Profile

    The product uses energy-saving LED light-emitting diodes as light sources, simulates the flickering of a traditional candle flame. The LED candle flame provides a realistic simulation effect. The LED candle light has fragrance function with Anion. The fragrance can be customized based on the needs of the customers. The product consumes little power and does not generate heat during the lighting process. Unlike traditional candle, it does not have the risk of getting on fire. It is very safe to use and environmentally friendly.

    The product is applicable to use in home, office, hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes, camping, and religious places. The operating way of the fragrance is cold spray, not using temperature to evaporate the essential oil, therefore it will not destroy the essential oil composition, which is green and healthy. It can also produce a large amount of oxygen anion, and produce strong reactions with harmful gas in the air. It’s beneficial for stress relief, health care, air purifying and radiation reduction.