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  3. Fresh home

    LED flameless candle | Essential oil

    Taper candle

    Product model:3D100080-W1-1T-2121NIA


    Important features of products
    ◆Made from ABS
    ◆Need 2C alkaline batteries
    ◆Input voltage: DC3V
    ◆power :0.3W
    ◆Flame Head:swing

    Product Profile
    This product uses energy-saving LED light-emitting diodes as a light source to simulate the flame flashing mode of traditional candles, and the simulation effect is realistic. The product has low power and low power consumption, and does not generate heat during the lighting process, so as to prevent safety hazards and be environmentally friendly. Suitable for bars, nightclubs, cafes, dance halls, camping, homes, etc. It is safe and not hot, beautiful and suitable for all kinds of candle holders. It can be used as a night light for lighting or for other decoration.