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  3. Fresh home

    LED flameless candle | Essential oil

    3*4Fiber-optic Wick Candle

    Product model:300040-W1-5D-1111NIA


    Important features of products
    ◆Made from Wax+ABS;
    ◆Need 2C alkaline batteries (not included);
    ◆Input voltage - DC3V;
    ◆Power - 0.3W;
    ◆Timer function;
    ◆Color options: Ivory /Red/Green/Crystal Blue
    ◆Light source: open fire or LED light source ◆3*4//3*5/3*

    Product Profile

    This product can be used as an LED candle or as an ignition  candle alone.Lighting works best when LED and ignition lamps are used together.Fragrance will be